Watsons Building Services LTD

Waste Disposal Options Policy

Disposal options are needed to deal with residual wastes which cannot be recycled, reused or recovered. The well-established waste disposal options are landfill and incineration, although there are now newer technologies and techniques available to dispose waste.

It is part of this organisation's policy on sound environmental management to ensure that it manages waste in a responsible and legally compliant manner and chooses the most suitable waste disposal option for its waste.

It will:

  • Classify waste in accordance with the European Waste Catalogue and waste acceptance criteria.
  • Comply with the waste producer's duty of care.
  • Check whether the choice of option is restricted by legislation.
  • Ensure that on-site storage, treatment and disposal facilities have a pollution prevention and control permit, a waste management licence or are exempt from licensing.
  • Establish company procedures for the segregation and storage of different waste streams.
  • Ensure compliance with general health and safety legislation as applicable to waste.
  • Train employees and contractors in waste and safety procedures.
  • Select appropriate waste management options for each waste stream.
  • Review services offered by contractors and engage a reputable contractor who offers an appropriate package, and seek to move away from landfill where possible.
  • Provide contractors with information required under landfill legislation, e.g. test results and details of pre-treatment.